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The Backer's Audition“David Black is unabashed enough to own up to his life-lapses with a wry, dry humour. I enjoyed his show for the glimpses it gave of Broadway and one of its victims: himself." The Times, London

“A toast to Broadway! The show’s humour revolves around the bombast both of Black’s successes and failures. Black is an amiable raconteur. Stories are looped together like pearls on a superstar’s necklace.” Evening Standard                                                               

“You couldn’t make this stuff up. Black is an engaging performer…a remarkable character… he does it all with plenty of wit. The show is pure pleasure.” Time Out

“This autobiographical tale of a one-time Broadway producer is the real thing. It has a special poignancy and piquancy for being absolutely true. Black is indomitable." The Stage

“A vintage showbiz fable. Black makes a thoroughly entertaining anecdotalist. He provides fascinating insights into the scheming mindset of producers. A diverting evening.” Metro

“Witty and poignant. ‘Falling Off Broadway’ is a must for collectors of Broadway tales.” Online Review

“David Black tells the hilarious story of his rise to fame and tragic downfall in ‘Falling Off Broadway.’ He presents the ups and downs of his turbulent life with disarming humour and honesty. His delivery will have you in stitches. Excruciatingly funny." Hackney Gazette

“Black is in a hit that’s guaranteed to recoup its investment.” What’s On

"The true story of a big-time Broadway producer who mistook his father for God-and whose mother left him out of her autobiography…lots of stories about juicy backstage-goings on." Show Business Weekly

Lady Luck"David Black draws in his audience with a light-hearted joie de vivre, like a Mr. Rogers with flair." Variety

”In Falling Off Broadway David Black covers his life at Harvard, a stint in Europe singing opera and his unlikely role producing Richard Nixon's first inauguration. But the meat of the show is choosing scripts and waiting in Sardi's restaurant for the press agent to bring the newspaper with the inevitable pan.” The New York Times

"A brilliant biography of a Broadway producer. Falling Off Broadway  is a must see! It will have you rolling in the aisles!" NY Waste


“David Black’s The Magic of Theater is an insightful psychology of actors and audiences that offers inspiration for young actors and an absorbing read for those who love the theater.” Kirkus Reviews

The Magic of Theater is the perfect book for theater lovers.” Library Journal

The Magic of Theater is a provocative collection of probing discussions.” Publishers Weekly

The Actor’s Audition is an insightful study that takes the aspiring actor through monologues, readings, musical auditions, interviews and call backs into the wonderful world of landing a part in the theater. David Black has provided a wonderful handbook to solve the mysterious puzzle of the audition." Eli Wallach

“David Black’s The Actor’s Audition is an absolute must for actors. I wish it had existed when I started.” Jerry Orbach

The Actor’s Audition is a fascinating eye-opener for me.” Walter Matthau

“This book is a daily tool for life as well as the ever-present audition. It has proven very profitable for me.” Elizabeth Franz

Summer Frolic“This lovely book is about the power of communicating your own truth, and the wonder of recognizing your choices.” Liv Ullmann

“The ultimate technique on the art of auditioning. This book is a gift to all actors." Swoosie Kurtz