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Selected Museums and Private Collections

Rockefeller CenterThe Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY
Museum of East Texas, Lufkin, TX
The Waterfront Museum, Brooklyn, NY
Art in Embassies Program of the United States, Washington, DC
Pfizer Corporation, New London, CT
The National Arts Club, New York, NY
Robert Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop, New York, NY
Dale and Sue Abbott, Sugarland, TX
Helene Alexopoulos and Lance Warrick, New York, NY
Jerald and Emy Lou Baldridge, Dallas, TX
Will Barnet, New York, NY
Robert Bernhard, New York, NY
William L. Bernhard, New York, NY
Trudi Bird, Stonington, CT
Lewis and Elissa Broad, Sands Point, NY
Carl and Sandie Bufka, Chicago, IL
Margaret and Tim Carpenter, Lawrence, NY
Patrick Caulfield, O.B.E., London, England
William and Tania Clark, Watch Hill, RI
Kerry Clayton and Page Royer, Summit, NJ
Judy Clinton, Stonington, CT
Charles and Laura Donnelly, New Canaan, CT
Mary and Thomas Duncan, Lufkin, TX
Joyce Eddy, Savannah, GA

Laurie Allen, Stonington, CT
John and Judy Alexander, Stonington, CT
David and Judy Clark, Stonington, CT
Joseph Geraci, Stonington, CT
Frederick Gore, C.B.E., London, England
Martha Gould, Warwick, Bermuda
William Griffin, Stonington, CT
Raul Gutierrez, M.D., Madrid, Spain
Bill and Sara Hall, Ossining, NY
Kitty Carlisle Hart, New York, NY
Audrey Heard, Groton, CT
Judy Hyers, Norwalk, CT
Michael and Marlene Fine, New York, NY
Guy and Julie Garfit, Royston, England
Ben Heller, New York, NY
David and Joan Helme, Essex, England
Jonathan Herzog, New York, NY
Jack Hicks, Lufkin, TX
Harvey Hoff, New York, NY
John Hoyland, R.A., London, England
O. Aldon James, New York, NY
Julian and Judith Jadow, New York, NY
Sarah Janssens, Stonington, CT
Frederic Kass, M.D., New York, NY
Thom and Dee Keaney, Norwich, CT
Richard Kislik, New York, NY
S. Chandler Kissell, Mystic,CT

Norma Langworthy, New York, NY
Carol Matthews, New York, NY
Robert Mautner, Boca Raton, FL
Stuart Mendel, M.D. and Jennie Ann Freiman, M.D., Newport, RI
Kathy and Michael McKinley
William and Ricky Michaels, New York, NY
William Moffett, Stonington, CT
Janet Nathan, London, England
Linda and Gerald Nordberg, Chappaqua, NY
James Neuberger, New York, NY
Rebecca Notterman, M.D., Hightstown, NJ
Jill Oddy, New York, NY
Jay and Linda Page, Southbury, CT
Linda and Terry Robbins, Lufkin, TX
Richard and Gay Rogers, Bronxville, NY
Robert and Elizabeth Rosenman, New York, NY
Laura Rossi, Geneva, Switzerland
Edmund de Rothschild, Southampton, England
Mikael Salovaara, Bernardsville, NJ
Arnold and Kate Schmeidler, Larchmont, NY
Helene and Jerry Spiegel, New York, NY
Elizabeth Rose, Sea Cliff, NY
Beth Walker, Stonington, CT
Wendy Van Wie, Westport, CT
George and Betsy White, New York, NY
Robert Yandrovsky, Denver, CO
Marcia Yawitz, New York, NY


“An extraordinary natural talent and a voracious observer of humanity.”
Frederick Gore, C.B.E. The Royal Academy


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