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Speaking Topics

Black’s topics have included:

  • How Producing Broadway Shows Drove Me to a Painting Career
  • Theater Is Life with The Boring Parts Left Out
  • "On Stage I Relax. Real Life Makes Me Nervous"
  • Paint What You Can't See
  • David Black, Wry and Dry

“David Black has led an astonishing life. From opera singer and spy to Broadway producer, critically acclaimed performer, playwright, author, and artist, David inspires and entertains us by constantly reinventing himself.” Clive Barnes, New York Post


How Producing Broadway Shows Drove Me To A Painting Career

David Black takes us along on his amazing journey from Broadway producer to artist. We get a backstage look at the theater’s leading actors including Laurence Olivier, Julie Harris, Joel Grey, Bernadette Peters, Bette Midler and Mickey Rooney among others. Black’s story is hilarious and tragic as he fights for survival on The Great White Way. He experiences success and failure but eventually succumbs to the pressures of Broadway and loses his money and his mind. In the end Black is rescued by a strange twist of fate and finds himself in a whole new career.

“Totally captivating, funny and awesome. The best speaker we have had in a long, long time.” Rotary Club of the Stoningtons

Theater Is Life With The Boring Parts Left Out

This talk is based on David Black’s best selling book The Actor’s Audition which has been endorsed by stars of stage and screen. The book presents a technique which shows actors how to tap into their maximum potential during the difficult circumstances of the audition. In this inspirational talk Black shows us how we can use audition technique to release our inner creativity even if we are not actors.

I was lucky to catch David Black’s talk. Standing with one hand on his heart and the other holding his book, David Black took the role of the classic traveling preacher. The book, The Actor’s Audition was held high, and I thought, “Hey, maybe it actually did save his life.” Boats Books & Brushes, Connecticut’s Largest Literary Festival

“On Stage I Relax. Real Life Makes Me Nervous”

This talk is based on David Black’s popular course The Magic of Theater which he taught at The New School for four semesters with the participation of forty-five of America’s best known actors. Here Black reveals the insecurities of actors and why great talent is not aware of its impact. Acting is a form of losing control. For the audience this creates the illusion that what they are seeing is happening for the first time, but for the actor it may result in enjoying living other people’s lives more than his own.

The Magic of Theater is an insightful psychology of actors and audiences that offers inspiration for young actors and those who love the theater.” Kirkus Reviews

CarouselPaint What You Can’t See

Here David Black explores the creative process in art. Mistakes are important  because they lead to hidden truth. The artist creates magic in a condition of controlled spontaneity. Black shows us how this state is achieved and how it can be used by all of us to create magic in our daily lives.

 “Your talk inspired us to pursue our dreams instead of settling for what our parents and society expect of us.” Brown University

David Black, Wry And Dry

This is David Black’s solo performance piece which chronicles his life as the son of a minister who did not believe in God and his search for identity as an opera singer, spy, award-winning salesman, and Broadway producer. After eighteen Broadway shows Black suffers a breakdown and takes on the identity of a fictional person. Out of the ashes of this disaster Black somehow discovers his own artistic talent and becomes an artist.

“David Black is unabashed enough to own up to his life-lapses with a wry, dry humour. I enjoyed his show for the glimpses it gave of Broadway and one of its victims: himself.” The Times, London

“You couldn’t make this stuff up. Black is an engaging performer…a remarkable character...he does it all with plenty of wit." Time Out

“David Black draws in his audience with a light-hearted joie de vivre, like a Mr. Rogers with flair.” Variety

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